Message from the Board Chair and CEO

As we come out of some of our the most challenging times in recent history, we continue to marvel at Perennia’s ability to evolve, grow and fill gaps in the marketplace.  

As an organization, our goal is to support agriculture, fisheries, and food and beverage companies increase sustainability and profitability.  

We have grown and changed over the years. What started as the Agriculture Development Institute and then became AgraPoint, is now Perennia. Like the industries we service, we have grown from a team of eight to more than 90 employees. At each juncture, we have grown in our mandate, specialties, and people.   

We are ever evolving. 

As our clients and our world evolve, so do we.  The future is challenging and full of opportunity. We welcome all the amazing things that can happen as we meet it head on and continue to embrace it. 

The pandemic did not hold us back this year as we continued to be laser-focused to help industry businesses by being the go-to resource for many of you, including once again supporting industry needs under the foreign worker program and implementing the Seafood COVID Response Program. While the world is returning to a new kind of normal, we are helping farmers address climate change, working with First Nation communities and non-Indiginous harvesters to develop economic opportunities in the sealing industry. These are the solutions for today and the future. That’s how we work. 

We have evolved in scope and in how we assess, analyze, research, implement and work.  We have also evolved to the point where exciting interconnectedness is happening daily – how we can use lobster shells as fertilizer for agricultural crops will do that.   

Having talented team members who have open curiosity and a deep respect for other specialties leads to exciting ways to tackle problems and find solutions for the changing needs of our clients and the province.   

The interdisciplinary nature of Perennia is our true superpower.   

We would like to thank our Board members for their hard work and dedication. They never cease to amaze with their expertise in guiding our work at Perennia.  Thank you to all our talented and devoted team members for their contributions to our success this past year.  And, thank you to our clients for allowing us the privilege of working with them so we can all be our very best.

Charles Keddy
Chair, Board of Directors

Lynne Godlien
Chief Executive Officer