Perennia Annual Report
2021 – 22

Ever evolving.
Changing to meet new industry needs.

Perennia celebrated its 20th year in operation in 2021-22. In 2001 we began working with farmers to help them with on-farm production issues.  We then added quality and food safety specialists and our consulting mindset began to grow. Product development and commercialization services and seafood development work followed. And, then cannabis and now online applications.  

We continue to have offices in Kentville and Bible Hill, but also now have many home-based team members across the province (and in other provinces) and the Centre of Marine Applied Research staff at the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship on the Dartmouth waterfront. This past year, we moved from the federal Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre in Kentville to a smaller, more collaborative and accessible space in Kentville and found a home for our new Plant Health Lab in the Innovation Pavilion at Acadia University. We also leased over 10 acres of land outside Kentville that we call ‘The Field House’ that has become our main space for applied crop research in addition to partnering with producers on specific trials. 

All of these decisions were made with industry needs at the forefront, and providing Perennia flexibility to better address those needs. One day, week, month or year at Perennia is never the same – with the exception that we work collaboratively with industry and government to enhance the sustainability and profitability of Nova Scotia’s agriculture, seafood, cannabis and food and beverage sectors. All with the vision in mind of doing what we can to help Nova Scotia companies create innovative, environmentally responsible products of impeccable quality for their fellow citizens and the world.

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